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Brand Building

Without a brand, a business lacks an identified purpose. And without a purpose, a business can’t stand out from the competition.

We take ideas and create brand stories and strategies around products, people and services that help engage audiences and drive profitability.

Brand Services

Understanding the industry and competitors through research, analysis and audits in order to build a platform on informed decisions.

Market Analysis
Whos is it, what do they want, and why do they want to hear from you.

State your exclusive, supportable place in the market and who you are through positioning and messaging.

Create a visual experience that speaks to the essence of your who you are

Digitally Initiate
Communicate your value and interact with your audience via digital marketing to create awareness and drive sales.

Web Design

We find what’s compelling about your brand and ensure it resonates across every page through design, development, and content.

Having a website that clearly communicates who you are, why you matter and how you can help your audience on their journey is legitimizing in our world today. Our services include build, design, development, social media and marketing automation integrations, along with copy and content editing.

Content Strategy

A digital strategy is not complete without the right content.  And the right content, ensures engagement to drive profitability

The planning, development and management of copy, images, videos, etc. and how to organize and utilize them across all media. Services include the creation of brand new content or content refresh, editorial content calendar design and schedule, newsletters, blogs, articles, the list is endless in today’s modern digital world.

At Bodhi Tree Marketing, our mission is to provide a professional & honest approach to your branding and marketing needs. 

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