Why Branding Comes Before Marketing

Branding is defining who you are and why you matter to the world.
Marketing Communications is how you tell, engage, and build a connection with your target audience out in the world.

Branding is essentially the foundation of any and all communication.

I like this analogy.

It is said that in order to have a successful and happy relationship, marriage etc. with your partner, one should first figure out who they are and understand themselves before going out into the world to attract a mate. The more your know yourself the higher the success rate of the relationship. This is also true for brands. A company, product or service must understand itself and establish a clear foundation of who they are and what they are offering in order to attract their target market and maintain successful relationships with their customers throughout the marketplace.

If you have a good understanding of who you are and can communicate it effectively then your audience should understand you as you understand you and a natural connection should be made.

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